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About DLC Landscape, Inc.

Landscaping Services Since 1980

High-quality maintenance of gardens, turf, arborscapes, and common areas are critical to protect property values, enhance tenant enjoyment, and reduce long term operational costs. DLC Landscape offers commercial landscaping services to property managers, HOA boards, and office complexes.


DLC uses Useful Systems, a mobile workforce automation solution, to manage the paperwork, and crews associated with provide landscaping services. Useful increases quality control of landscaping assets for our customers. A property manager can log onto Useful to view projects in process and completed work orders without making a phone call. This saves time and money.

Why the iPhone?

Proof of Service

Useful is a great proof of service tool. Property managers can view pictures and/or videos of any work being performed or completed by DLC by logging onto Useful. Rather than walking or driving over to the work site, they can instead use their iPhone or iPad to review the work. It is like being on every job site, everyday without leaving their office.

DLC Arbor Services, LLC

DLC Landscape’s sister company DLC Arbor Services specializes in residential tree trimming, tree removal, and tree health and other tree services including stump grinding. Click here to visit the www.dlcarbor.com website.

dlc landscape committment to quality control

What Our Clients Say

Mike's new iPhone app is amazing. I can take a picture of a landscaping issue and send it to DLC. This starts a work order. DLC Landscape's new way of landscaping management is great because I know that the work will be done without me phoning them. This saves time for me and my property.

Jennifer Green 500 Acre Estates Manager